Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: I Can't Breathe and I Love It!

Yesterday I knocked on Gap and today I take it all back! I love you and the awesomeness that is your legging jeans!! I finally gave in and bought these very very popular jeggings in faded dark wash (see on Extra Petite and Really Petite) for $48.65 and in faded medium wash in sizes 00P and 0P for $20.99(!!) during the recent 30% off sale and ebates discount (referral link here).

Let me just say this. I love these jeans!! No wonder they've been reviewed to death. And you'd think I'd catch on a little bit sooner or pony up to buy them earlier but then you'd be thinking a lot of me. With that said, here's my final nail in the coffin of the Gap Legging Jeans review.

I originally wanted the faded dark wash (the 2 on the right) but ended up also buying the faded medium wash (the 2 on the left) because they were on sale. And you know what? I like the faded medium wash better. It fits better (more on this in a bit). And it's only ~$21 with no alterations needed!!! They're currently on sale for $24.99. **Update 1.30.11 - Get an additional 30% off with code GAPSALE30 to get these jeans for $17.49 (sizes 00P, 0P and 2P still available)**

If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see that the fit is a little funky depending on the wash. The faded medium wash in 00P and 0P are almost exactly the same size in the waist, but the 0P is slightly longer (about 1 cm) so you get more of that scrunchiness at the hem. The leg in this color is very very fitted and the fading along the front of the thighs is very slimming. I could barely breath when pulling these on and it was awesome. After about an hour of wear, they stretched out and were as comfy as sweats (very important factor when crawling around the floor with the little peanut). The only question is: keep the 00P or 0P?

Gap Legging Jeans in Faded Medium Wash - 00P

Same jeans in 0P

The 00P and 0P in the faded dark wash is surprisingly much bigger throughout. It has the slightest waist gap in both sizes and the thighs and knees are loose on me! The color was also a little too dark for my taste. I guess I'm just a grittier kind of girl. So for almost $50 each, these darker jeans will be returned.

Gap Legging Jeans in Faded Dark Wash - 00P

Same jeans in 0P

Verdict: Keep 00P or 0P in Faded Medium Wash

Here's another picture comparing the sizes of the jeans in natural light to show the color better. Also for reference, the H&M Super Sqin Jeans in size 27 that I reviewed here has the same waist circumference as the 0P in Faded Medium Wash but the H&M pair sit lower on the hip.

Front to Back: 00P Faded Medium Wash, 0P Faded Medium Wash, 00P Faded Dark Wash, 0P Faded Dark Wash

Are you a member of the Sisterhood of the Gap Legging Jeans?


  1. wow, these jeans look AMAZING on you and nice job for getting it on sale! i really like both washes and think the 00P fit a bit better on you, especially in the butt. so glad you found a great fitting pair of jeans!

    cute and little
    come enter my giveaway!

  2. I really like the fit of these Gap legging jeans on you! I kept meaning to try them myself but I just have too many pairs of jeans for someone who only rarely wears them! LOVE LOVE the darker wash actually. :)

  3. What a range of size inconsistencies with the GAP legging jeans! The lighter wash looks soo good on you.

    I want to try the legging jeans, but since I have thicker thighs, I think it might not look good. LOL. =)

  4. Oooooooo YAY! You finally got them! I love the fit and everything on you! Definitely the 00P!!! The 0P is too big!

    Love the dark wash- I am obsessed with these GAP legging jeans- bought them in med wash, dark wash and black! LOL

    And I want a back up pair of the dark wash...I am crazy!

  5. The medium wash is such a better fit than the dark version! They fit you so perfectly! I think I would go for 00P but it depends if you like the extra scrunch or not (I prefer not on me).

  6. I think there is a lot of inconsistency with their washes and sizing! My faded dark were very snug on me, but I also ordered two other washes (black and medium) and they did not work out. The material seemed papery thin and they didn't fit as well. That's so odd how inconsistent they are!

    I like these very much on you. I prefer extra scrunch so I'd vote 0P on you, especially because mine shrunk a little in length when I put them in the dryer.

  7. Wow these look great on you too! I'm another petite that got them but they didn't have petite sizing available in Canada - luckily the 00R fit fine on me!

  8. Ah.. another Gap legging jeans convert! :) After scrutinizing the fit, I think the 00P is a just tad short on you (or will be after a few cycles in the washer/dryer) so I vote for the 0P. I agree with PAG that there's a lot of inconsistency in sizing and material across different washes. I found that the faded black wash was the softest and fit the smallest... even the faded dark wash was a bit more loose on me. The medium was a stiffer material it seemed like.


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