Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: H&M Super Sqin Jeans

I've been looking for a good pair of skinny jeans and was so excited when Jean at Extra Petite raved about the Gap Legging Jeans in faded dark wash. Since then, I've been waiting for a Gap sale or coupon because I wasn't ready to spend the $69.50 for it at full price. But then I saw Really Petite review a super inexpensive pair of jeans at H&M - the Super Sqin Jeans. She bought the lighter wash on sale for $10, but full price is only $19.95!

I'm by no means as tiny nor as fit as Really Petite, but I thought I'd give it a shot. The darker wash jeans were not on sale at the store I visited, but I bought it anyway because they were so comfortable! I normally wear a size 24 in jeans, but in the Super Sqin jeans, I wear a size 27! Or so I thought. (Note: these jeans need to be hemmed in all sizes.)

After wearing the jeans around the house for an hour, I noticed that the seat and knees were a little loose with these weird wrinkles between the rear and thighs. Is this normal? I'm not sure if it's because the jeans are too big or if the fit is off. Perhaps I don't have enough junk in the trunk to fill it out properly. The back pockets are also disproportionately large.

I tried the jeans on in a size 26 as well but I could barely pull them up! Maybe that's how tight they're supposed to feel going on as they're stretchy. I wonder if the size 27 will shrink if I wash them.

Verdict: Wash and shrink? Return for smaller size?

What do you think - keep or not to keep? Any idea why these jeans would have these wrinkles in the back?


  1. I think the wrinkles happen because this style requires them to be super fitted. If you dry these in the dryer I'm sure they'll shrink back down to size. I'd suggest that over getting a size down and being very uncomfortable in 'em!

  2. Oh yay!! You tried these!!! I agree with PAG- go a size down and bear it..LOL I wasn't kidding when I said they run teeny tiny!!! I am going to look for the dark wash in a 24 because I love the fit:)

  3. And I agree- the pockets are big which is strange...I wonder if the dark wash is as comfy as the lighter wash. It's almost as comfortable if not more so than my GAP legging jeans:)

  4. It sounds like the jeans stretch out pretty quick and they don't retain their shape very well. I think you should return them and wait for the Gap ones because they're better made with a petite in mind. I'm not a fan of the back pockets, but that's just personal preference. However, the jeans look like it fits you really well!

  5. I haven't tried them on in store yet but sizing down sounds like a great idea. I hope those jeans will work out for you. Such a great deal if they fit!

  6. The wrinkles and pockets actually don't bother me. I think the fit actually looks very flattering on you! For Gap, I think sometimes they have better promos/deals in-store than online. If I run into any good Gap denim deals, I'll leave you a comment!

  7. I agree with Stylepint. I think even if these jeans did shrink in the wash, the back pockets will still look disproportionally large. Return and wait for the Gap ones, which many other petites have found successes with!

  8. @PAG - I am definitely not used to having to squeeze into jeans. The best case scenario would be if these jeans shrank in the wash and stayed that way, but I fear they will stretch out as soon as I wear them. Any experience with legging jean shrinkage?

    @ReallyPetite - Yes! Thanks for the rec! H&M had the Super Sqin jeans in lots of different washes. I picked up a faded dark wash that is super soft, probably like the faded light wash one that you have. I also saw a dark wash and black too. You just can't beat the price on these!

    @StylePint - Thanks - they do fit quite well, until they stretch out. I'm waiting for the Gap ones too but I may be into my boot cuts and flares by then!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - I'm going to go back and size down. Maybe if I don't eat beforehand, they'll fit this time!

    @SewPetiteGal - Thanks! Definitely keep me posted on Gap deals. I walked by the other day and the stores had 40% off, excluding denim. Grrrr...

    @Cee - The big back pocket issue still bothers me too. I'm still debating on this one since I won't normally see them. Maybe it will annoy the people behind me.

  9. I think these jeans make your butt look that weird that I just complimented you on your butt? Just sayin.


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