Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: I Can't Breathe and I Love It!

Yesterday I knocked on Gap and today I take it all back! I love you and the awesomeness that is your legging jeans!! I finally gave in and bought these very very popular jeggings in faded dark wash (see on Extra Petite and Really Petite) for $48.65 and in faded medium wash in sizes 00P and 0P for $20.99(!!) during the recent 30% off sale and ebates discount (referral link here).

Let me just say this. I love these jeans!! No wonder they've been reviewed to death. And you'd think I'd catch on a little bit sooner or pony up to buy them earlier but then you'd be thinking a lot of me. With that said, here's my final nail in the coffin of the Gap Legging Jeans review.

I originally wanted the faded dark wash (the 2 on the right) but ended up also buying the faded medium wash (the 2 on the left) because they were on sale. And you know what? I like the faded medium wash better. It fits better (more on this in a bit). And it's only ~$21 with no alterations needed!!! They're currently on sale for $24.99. **Update 1.30.11 - Get an additional 30% off with code GAPSALE30 to get these jeans for $17.49 (sizes 00P, 0P and 2P still available)**

If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see that the fit is a little funky depending on the wash. The faded medium wash in 00P and 0P are almost exactly the same size in the waist, but the 0P is slightly longer (about 1 cm) so you get more of that scrunchiness at the hem. The leg in this color is very very fitted and the fading along the front of the thighs is very slimming. I could barely breath when pulling these on and it was awesome. After about an hour of wear, they stretched out and were as comfy as sweats (very important factor when crawling around the floor with the little peanut). The only question is: keep the 00P or 0P?

Gap Legging Jeans in Faded Medium Wash - 00P

Same jeans in 0P

The 00P and 0P in the faded dark wash is surprisingly much bigger throughout. It has the slightest waist gap in both sizes and the thighs and knees are loose on me! The color was also a little too dark for my taste. I guess I'm just a grittier kind of girl. So for almost $50 each, these darker jeans will be returned.

Gap Legging Jeans in Faded Dark Wash - 00P

Same jeans in 0P

Verdict: Keep 00P or 0P in Faded Medium Wash

Here's another picture comparing the sizes of the jeans in natural light to show the color better. Also for reference, the H&M Super Sqin Jeans in size 27 that I reviewed here has the same waist circumference as the 0P in Faded Medium Wash but the H&M pair sit lower on the hip.

Front to Back: 00P Faded Medium Wash, 0P Faded Medium Wash, 00P Faded Dark Wash, 0P Faded Dark Wash

Are you a member of the Sisterhood of the Gap Legging Jeans?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Jeans...What a Deal!

Why am I obsessed with jeans? I've only been blogging for a little over a month and I have at least 3 posts just about jeans. Hmmm...

Anyway, petite gals! Difficult to find size 23 and 24 jeans with 30" inseam (that's right - no hemming!!) are available for $65 at HauteLook (referral link here) today! I'm soooo tempted but I've bought something online EVERY DAY this week. I totally gave into temptation and bought the jeans! I am so bad! But I do love my super old Joe's Jean's Honey Bootcut Jeans and wouldn't mind another pair of Joe's. They're so comfortable and super soft!

At any rate, here they are. Joe's Jeans Provocateur Bootcut Jeans in Medium Ryder Blue. Retails for $167 now $65!!!! About the same price as the Gap legging jeans I've been waiting to go on sale. Not that I'm knocking the Gap, but I'd take a pair of Joe's any day. Plus, flares and bootcuts are baaaack (although personally, I don't think bootcuts were ever or will ever be out because they're so flattering on everyone) so in case anyone needs to update their wardrobe. These are a great deal!

Update: I couldn't resist and ended up buying these jeans in a size 23 AND size 24. I hope one of these fit! I tried to add size 25 to the cart also but there's a 2 item limit per customer. I will just die if I'm a size 25. Grrr... At any rate, a jeans review will follow once I get 'em! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Forever 21 Chainlink Trim Sweater Jacket

I saw this jacket on the Forever 21 website and immediately wanted it! I love the navy color, the chainlink trim, and the fact that it's like a thick cardigan, but with more structure. This piece is 100% cotton and would be perfect for spring. It also fits in with the nautical theme that I really like.

I bought this jacket in size small and it fits me really well. I hesitated to post photos of myself wearing this because my picture taking skills are atrocious and the jacket honestly hangs and fits pretty much like the stock photos on the Forever 21 website. On the website, the 5'10" model is wearing a size small and here I am at 5'3" wearing the same size! Yet somehow, this jacket fits just as well on me as on the model.

The jacket in size small fits well in the shoulders and tapers in nicely at the waist. The sleeves are 3/4 length which I love because I always push up my sleeves. And the bottom of the jacket hits at the top of my hip. The color of the jacket is the same as the one seen in the stock photo. I used flash in my photo and it washed out the color. (Please forgive my poor camera skills!) The material is a stiff cotton which lends a nice structure and weight to the jacket. It'll be really great for spring and summer after I put the wool and cashmere away!

Verdict: Keep!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review: H&M Super Sqin Jeans

I've been looking for a good pair of skinny jeans and was so excited when Jean at Extra Petite raved about the Gap Legging Jeans in faded dark wash. Since then, I've been waiting for a Gap sale or coupon because I wasn't ready to spend the $69.50 for it at full price. But then I saw Really Petite review a super inexpensive pair of jeans at H&M - the Super Sqin Jeans. She bought the lighter wash on sale for $10, but full price is only $19.95!

I'm by no means as tiny nor as fit as Really Petite, but I thought I'd give it a shot. The darker wash jeans were not on sale at the store I visited, but I bought it anyway because they were so comfortable! I normally wear a size 24 in jeans, but in the Super Sqin jeans, I wear a size 27! Or so I thought. (Note: these jeans need to be hemmed in all sizes.)

After wearing the jeans around the house for an hour, I noticed that the seat and knees were a little loose with these weird wrinkles between the rear and thighs. Is this normal? I'm not sure if it's because the jeans are too big or if the fit is off. Perhaps I don't have enough junk in the trunk to fill it out properly. The back pockets are also disproportionately large.

I tried the jeans on in a size 26 as well but I could barely pull them up! Maybe that's how tight they're supposed to feel going on as they're stretchy. I wonder if the size 27 will shrink if I wash them.

Verdict: Wash and shrink? Return for smaller size?

What do you think - keep or not to keep? Any idea why these jeans would have these wrinkles in the back?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ann Taylor Review: 40% off Entire Purchase

I went to Ann Taylor today to check out their semi-annual sale - 40% off everything in the store - and walked out with 4 cardigans, 1 sleeveless sweater, 1 dress, 1 skirt, and 2 scarves.

Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan in XSP - $78 now $23.99

First up is the Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan in XSP - $78 now $23.99. There were lots of colors and sizes in the store and it was marked down to $39.99 (it's only marked down to $44.99 online). I bought frosted wisteria, black, med pebble heather, and coral rose. Here I am wearing coral rose and you can see how thin the fabric is. The fit is terrific though (I'm 5'3" and 95 pounds) - it's fitted in the sleeves and torso. Just be careful with the sheerness in the lighter colors. Verdict: I'm keeping black and will probably return coral rose and frosted wisteria in exchange for the darker colors of colonial blue and black raspberry.

Twinkle Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top in XSP $78 now $29.99

Next is the Twinkle Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top in brown, size XSP - $78 now $29.99. I love this top! It has a little sparkle so it'll go great underneath a blazer for daytime and on its own at night. The shape is sophisticated and the fit is terrific. My only problem here was getting the cowl to drape just so. But once I got it, it looked great. Verdict: Keep!

Long Sleeve Pleated Neckline Dress in 00P - $79.99 now $48.03

This picture does not do this dress justice! It's no longer available online so I don't know what it's called but it's a long sleeve black wool dress with pleating detail along the neckline. I'm wearing it in 00P and no alterations will be required! It's just the perfect dress for the office but it also can be glammed up for night. Below is a picture of the dress on the mannequin in the store window. You can see a little more detail here and I love how it's styled with a bold necklace.

Next I bought the Wool Sateen Lace Trim Skirt in size 00P - $118 now $47.99.
Wool Sateen Lace Trim Skirt in 00P - $118 now $47.99

Again, the picture does not do this skirt justice, but you can see the lace detail, which is along the side seams of the dress, online. The fit of this skirt is amazing! The waist is snug, the sides skim my hips, and the length is just above the knees. No alterations needed! The lace trim adds just a little something to an otherwise plain, but well fitting, black skirt. The price seems a little high at $47.99. What do you think? Is this worth keeping? Verdict: Maybe

Finally, I bought 2 scarves.

I love this scarf! It's a long infinity scarf with a little sparkle that I looped around three times. It's surprisingly lightweight and airy - it's made of 44% alpaca, 29% acrylic, 18% wool, 6% polyester, and 3% other fiber. And it's only $48 now $17.99. Verdict: Keep!

The lighting really does not bring out the vibrant color of this long wrinkly and sparkly scarf. The color is navy with silver sparkles. And the fabric is lightweight and sheer - 82% wool, 10% metallic, 8% nylon. It cost me $38 now $11.99. Do you think I can wear this in the spring? Or is it too much of a winter scarf? Verdict: Maybe

Have you checked out the Ann Taylor sale? What did you buy?

Review: Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash

As a new mom who washes her hands 30-40 times a day (I wash my hands before and after every diaper change, before every feeding, and basically after I touch anything other than the little peanut), it's inevitable that my hands will get dry and cracked. But that's just it. My hands are great!

I attribute this lucky happenstance to my religious use of Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash. I wash with this hand soap every time (except when I was away for the holidays where my hands got wrecked!). The soap is a white shimmery liquid that smells a little sweet, lathers up lightly, and washes off easily and cleanly with just a nickel-size amount. It's also super cheap! Only $2.19 for 7.5 fl oz at - and it lasts me about 2-3 months! My only gripe is the packaging - not so pretty. I take care of that by pouring the contents out into a pretty dispenser. Perfect!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weeview: Janie and Jack Snow Bunny Ear Flap Hat

I've been looking for a little hat for the little peanut to keep her fuzzy head toasty this winter and I finally found her one over the holidays. It's the Snow Bunny Ear Flap Hat from Janie and Jack.

Janie and Jack Snow Bunny Ear Flap Hat in size 3 to 6 months - $24 now $19.99
The exterior is made of 97% cotton and 3% cashmere. The hat is lined on the interior in a super soft cotton fabric. The ear flaps are a nice touch and help keep the little peanut warm. I have to admit that the hat doesn't look like much on display, but plunk that sucker on the little peanut's head and she is transformed! I just love this hat!

A similar hat that is less expensive is this bunny hat from babyGap.

babyGap Bunny Hat - $16.50 now $8.99
I originally wanted to buy this hat, but then saw the Janie and Jack one and fell in love. babyGap has lots of other cute hats for under $15 here, here, and here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Post-Holiday Haul Review: Banana Republic 50% off Sale Items

I am on a roll with my shopping resolution! I braved the mall chaos last weekend and came back with a couple goodies from Banana Republic. I was quite surprised to find that the prices in the stores are much less than you find online. Who knew I was paying so much more online? Banana Republic was, and I think still is, having 50% off all sale items in-store. Online, they're only offering 30% off.

Italian Spun Pointelle-U-Neck in XS - $64.50 now $18.49 in stores. $54.99 plus 30% off online.

Here is the same sweater on me in gray (color not available online).
This is a nice casual weekend wool/cashmere sweater! The body is slim fitting but the arms are not. The seams are sewn to look like a sweatshirt but it has nice pointelle detail on the front u-neck area, sides, and down the center of the back. I got it in size XS, but it's also still available online in PXXS and PXS in several colors for $39.99 plus 30% off.  
Verdict: Keep 

Belted Striped Shirt in Blue Stripe - $69.50 now $20
This was a last minute purchase and I think I'll return this one. I don't need anymore casual button down shirts! This shirt drew me in initially because I liked the tie waist and the striped chambray material. And I could see myself wearing this in the summer with a little white tank and shorts. It's available online in gray stripe as well as blue stripe in size XS for $49.99 plus 30% off.
Verdict: Return

Vest in XS - $89.50 now $18.99, in-stores only
I should really take a picture of myself wearing this. On the hanger, it looks like an old man vest, but on me, I think it has a snow bunny ski slope kind of cute! The fit of this is a tiny bit loose and the arm opening could be a tad too big, which will make the entire outfit look sloppy. But if I wear it with a thicker layer underneath, it would fit just right.
Verdict: Maybe

What do you think? Should I keep or return these items?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

LOFT Fitting Room Review - 50% off Sale

Fresh from my new year's resolutions, I decided to take a stroll to my local Ann Taylor LOFT today. I haven't been in one in over 2 years so I was really excited to see if their clothes would fit me as well as they seem to for other petites. It was an extra bonus that LOFT is still having 50% off all sale items.

LOFT Abstract Print Blouse with Tie in XXSP - $44.99 now $22.49. 
This blouse was really cute and cheerful but it was too tight for me in the underarm in size XXSP, which was the only small size left. Too bad because I can see myself wearing this tucked into a fitted skirt to wear to the office. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Blouse in XSP - $29.99 now $14.99
This blouse is no longer available online but there were quite a few of them at the store. This was the only item that actually fit me. I liked it but didn't love it as it's not really my style. I see someone a lot more fun and flirty than me wearing this top! Perhaps on a date. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Tank Top with Sequins in XXSP
I had been eyeing this top online for awhile and was so excited to see it on sale at the store! The top fit me ok but the drape was less than flattering. And the sequin detail at the neckline kept folding in on itself, making it look sloppy instead of elegant. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Shoulder Detail Sheath in 00P - $49.99 now $24.99
I have way too many little black dresses to justify buying another one. But there's always something so easy and nice about LBDs. I really liked the ties at the shoulder for this dress, but again, the fit was lacking. It was a little tight around the hip but too roomy up top. Verdict: Pass
LOFT Marisa Scuba Pants in 0P
These pants were a very nice thick material and a lovely gray color. The length was pretty good too - do I dare say that I wouldn't need to hem these with the right pair of shoes? The waist, however, was way too big. Verdict: Pass

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything to buy this time. But I did discover my LOFT size for future reference! OP in dresses, OOP in bottoms, and XSP in tops (I'm 5'3", 95 pounds, 30-25-33).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom-Fit Jeans for $85

I've been pretty lucky in terms of finding jeans that fit (I like my Joe's and Sevens). But like everyone else, it certainly took a lot of trial and error - hems are too long, the waist gaps, the seat bags, or the crotch is too tight. Even with the perfect pair of jeans, I always have to shorten my hems. But as Alterations Needed pointed out, the fading from the knees are too low when hems are shortened. 

Despite all the problems with off-the-rack designer jeans, I've never considered custom. I figured it would be a big hassle and expensive. But today I came across a deal from livingsocial for custom-fit jeans from indiDenim for just $85, originally $155. Shipping is free. How it works is:
  1. Pick your fit (slim, relaxed or trouser)
  2. Choose your wash (from light to dark, e.g., dark indigo with whiskers)
  3. Design your style (rise, leg, pockets, etc.)
  4. Customize your fit (height goes as low as 4'6", weight, waist size, etc.)
The online reviews for indiDenim are mostly positive. The main concern seems to be a long wait for shipping, about 4-12 weeks. Some reviewers raved about the fit. Others mentioned that the fit can be off or grandma-ish but with free shipping and free alterations, they were able to send it back to get it perfected. Another reviewer mentioned that after 6 months, the stitching started to come undone. 

The deal is only for 24 hours and I'd be tempted to try it if I didn't already have jeans that I like. But I wanted to pass on the deal in case anyone is still searching for their jeans. indiDenim seems to be worth a look. Has anyone tried indiDenim before or had custom-fit jeans made? 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello 2011! Will you be as good to me as 2010? 

Last year was a year of new beginnings. I moved from a roomy house in the suburbs to a tiny apartment in the city, had a baby, and at the very tail end of the year, I started this blog to document it all. It was a busy but wonderful year.

This year, I hope to continue organizing my life, raising the little peanut to be a happy little girl, and learning the ropes of blogging. This year is also about acceptance of who I really am (pretty darn lazy and a bit of a hermit...hence all the online shopping) and pushing myself to be a better version of me.

Which brings me to my new year's resolutions (please hold me accountable!):
  1. Purge purge purge - clutter is the enemy when you only have 700 square feet and a baby. 
    • The goal is to get rid of one item a week.
  2. In-store shopping - yes, I need to do more real life shopping. I waste too much time buying ill-fitting items online and returning them. I'm holding out for quality and the perfect fit this year. The nude Jimmy Choo pumps were a good start.
    • The goal is to go shopping at least once a month.
  3. Socialize - sometimes I feel so drained from caring for the little peanut that when I have a spare moment, all I want to do is curl up on the couch in my PJs and zone out. 
    • The goal is to get dressed, put on some makeup, and get out of the house/meet up with friends once a week. 
  4. Cook - I admit I've been neglecting my household chores since the little peanut arrived. They're sort of low on the totem pole (and rightfully so) when I haven't slept for more than 4 hours straight in 6 months. But...the time has come to brush off the recipe books and get back into the swing of things. 
    • The goal is to try a new recipe once a month.
My resolutions for 2011 are really basic aren't they? What are your resolutions this year?
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