Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Forever 21 Chainlink Trim Sweater Jacket

I saw this jacket on the Forever 21 website and immediately wanted it! I love the navy color, the chainlink trim, and the fact that it's like a thick cardigan, but with more structure. This piece is 100% cotton and would be perfect for spring. It also fits in with the nautical theme that I really like.

I bought this jacket in size small and it fits me really well. I hesitated to post photos of myself wearing this because my picture taking skills are atrocious and the jacket honestly hangs and fits pretty much like the stock photos on the Forever 21 website. On the website, the 5'10" model is wearing a size small and here I am at 5'3" wearing the same size! Yet somehow, this jacket fits just as well on me as on the model.

The jacket in size small fits well in the shoulders and tapers in nicely at the waist. The sleeves are 3/4 length which I love because I always push up my sleeves. And the bottom of the jacket hits at the top of my hip. The color of the jacket is the same as the one seen in the stock photo. I used flash in my photo and it washed out the color. (Please forgive my poor camera skills!) The material is a stiff cotton which lends a nice structure and weight to the jacket. It'll be really great for spring and summer after I put the wool and cashmere away!

Verdict: Keep!


  1. What a cute sweater! It does fit you nicely. I also like the navy color (nautica theme). Great find!

  2. Wonderful choice! It's really hard to find something on the F21 that is just as nice in person as it is in the stock photo. I'm a little miffed as to how it fits the model (7 inches taller) exactly the same. Hmmm

  3. Ooo this is super cute and it fits which is ever better!!!

  4. This looks SO GORGEOUS in the pictures - I wouldn't have known it was from F21! I like the fit on you, and am very impressed by the fact that it looks just like it did on the model!

  5. Ohhhh this is so gorgeous on you! The detailing is great and I've actually bee looking for something similar - I may have to buy one myself :)

  6. oh wow, this is a great jacket from F21! i love the chainlink details too and it does fit you perfectly!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  7. @PAG - I'm miffed too. LOL! That means the model has an extra 7 inches of leg (or one can hope that her head and neck are bigger too so less than 7).

    @SewPetiteGal - You'll like it! Even my husband did. And he rarely comments on my purchases unless it's a mini skirt!! :)


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