Thursday, January 6, 2011

LOFT Fitting Room Review - 50% off Sale

Fresh from my new year's resolutions, I decided to take a stroll to my local Ann Taylor LOFT today. I haven't been in one in over 2 years so I was really excited to see if their clothes would fit me as well as they seem to for other petites. It was an extra bonus that LOFT is still having 50% off all sale items.

LOFT Abstract Print Blouse with Tie in XXSP - $44.99 now $22.49. 
This blouse was really cute and cheerful but it was too tight for me in the underarm in size XXSP, which was the only small size left. Too bad because I can see myself wearing this tucked into a fitted skirt to wear to the office. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Blouse in XSP - $29.99 now $14.99
This blouse is no longer available online but there were quite a few of them at the store. This was the only item that actually fit me. I liked it but didn't love it as it's not really my style. I see someone a lot more fun and flirty than me wearing this top! Perhaps on a date. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Tank Top with Sequins in XXSP
I had been eyeing this top online for awhile and was so excited to see it on sale at the store! The top fit me ok but the drape was less than flattering. And the sequin detail at the neckline kept folding in on itself, making it look sloppy instead of elegant. Verdict: Pass

LOFT Shoulder Detail Sheath in 00P - $49.99 now $24.99
I have way too many little black dresses to justify buying another one. But there's always something so easy and nice about LBDs. I really liked the ties at the shoulder for this dress, but again, the fit was lacking. It was a little tight around the hip but too roomy up top. Verdict: Pass
LOFT Marisa Scuba Pants in 0P
These pants were a very nice thick material and a lovely gray color. The length was pretty good too - do I dare say that I wouldn't need to hem these with the right pair of shoes? The waist, however, was way too big. Verdict: Pass

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything to buy this time. But I did discover my LOFT size for future reference! OP in dresses, OOP in bottoms, and XSP in tops (I'm 5'3", 95 pounds, 30-25-33).


  1. Ah I saw that top on petitexxs's blog and initially voted "return," but then someone suggested wearing it tucked in a pencil skirt and suddenly I loved the idea. Too bad the arm area was tight for you as $22 isn't a bad price!

    Btw I wanted to mention that only the "spotlight beige" color in rimmel moisture renew is on sale. None of the stores I went to had it marked as sale, but when I scanned it under the price scanner it came up on clearance. I passed on it at first but then read several beauty blogger reviews and they all recommend it! Indeed it's a nice neutral color and very moisturizing (I have dry, flaky lips).

  2. I am so excited to have found your blog! Especially excited that you also do LOFT reviews - one of my favorite petite friendly stores. Welcome to the blogosphere and looking forward to future posts as one of your new followers :)

  3. @PAG: Thanks for the La Cross suggestion! I went to a different CVS today and picked up some items but there were no Rimmel products at that store. Boo!

    @SewPetiteGal: Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm still new with all this so hopefully I'll be able to provide better reviews and sharper pictures in the future.

  4. I totally overpaid for that rosette top, it's gorgeous but I spent like $25+ on it each. Yikes! I really like it on you! I loved that black dress on the rack but I knew it would be too low cut for me, it looks really great on you!

  5. @Elle: Thanks! The dress was definitely a little low cut. I wore a tank top underneath so it worked. You're bustier than me so it probably would've fit you nicely on top. Too bad I couldn't fill it out properly! The rosette top is really pretty. I like it on you! The perks with buying items before they're on sale is that you get to wear it more and you get to wear it right away since it's in season.


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