Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom-Fit Jeans for $85

I've been pretty lucky in terms of finding jeans that fit (I like my Joe's and Sevens). But like everyone else, it certainly took a lot of trial and error - hems are too long, the waist gaps, the seat bags, or the crotch is too tight. Even with the perfect pair of jeans, I always have to shorten my hems. But as Alterations Needed pointed out, the fading from the knees are too low when hems are shortened. 

Despite all the problems with off-the-rack designer jeans, I've never considered custom. I figured it would be a big hassle and expensive. But today I came across a deal from livingsocial for custom-fit jeans from indiDenim for just $85, originally $155. Shipping is free. How it works is:
  1. Pick your fit (slim, relaxed or trouser)
  2. Choose your wash (from light to dark, e.g., dark indigo with whiskers)
  3. Design your style (rise, leg, pockets, etc.)
  4. Customize your fit (height goes as low as 4'6", weight, waist size, etc.)
The online reviews for indiDenim are mostly positive. The main concern seems to be a long wait for shipping, about 4-12 weeks. Some reviewers raved about the fit. Others mentioned that the fit can be off or grandma-ish but with free shipping and free alterations, they were able to send it back to get it perfected. Another reviewer mentioned that after 6 months, the stitching started to come undone. 

The deal is only for 24 hours and I'd be tempted to try it if I didn't already have jeans that I like. But I wanted to pass on the deal in case anyone is still searching for their jeans. indiDenim seems to be worth a look. Has anyone tried indiDenim before or had custom-fit jeans made? 


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