Friday, January 14, 2011

Ann Taylor Review: 40% off Entire Purchase

I went to Ann Taylor today to check out their semi-annual sale - 40% off everything in the store - and walked out with 4 cardigans, 1 sleeveless sweater, 1 dress, 1 skirt, and 2 scarves.

Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan in XSP - $78 now $23.99

First up is the Solid Merino V-Neck Cardigan in XSP - $78 now $23.99. There were lots of colors and sizes in the store and it was marked down to $39.99 (it's only marked down to $44.99 online). I bought frosted wisteria, black, med pebble heather, and coral rose. Here I am wearing coral rose and you can see how thin the fabric is. The fit is terrific though (I'm 5'3" and 95 pounds) - it's fitted in the sleeves and torso. Just be careful with the sheerness in the lighter colors. Verdict: I'm keeping black and will probably return coral rose and frosted wisteria in exchange for the darker colors of colonial blue and black raspberry.

Twinkle Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top in XSP $78 now $29.99

Next is the Twinkle Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top in brown, size XSP - $78 now $29.99. I love this top! It has a little sparkle so it'll go great underneath a blazer for daytime and on its own at night. The shape is sophisticated and the fit is terrific. My only problem here was getting the cowl to drape just so. But once I got it, it looked great. Verdict: Keep!

Long Sleeve Pleated Neckline Dress in 00P - $79.99 now $48.03

This picture does not do this dress justice! It's no longer available online so I don't know what it's called but it's a long sleeve black wool dress with pleating detail along the neckline. I'm wearing it in 00P and no alterations will be required! It's just the perfect dress for the office but it also can be glammed up for night. Below is a picture of the dress on the mannequin in the store window. You can see a little more detail here and I love how it's styled with a bold necklace.

Next I bought the Wool Sateen Lace Trim Skirt in size 00P - $118 now $47.99.
Wool Sateen Lace Trim Skirt in 00P - $118 now $47.99

Again, the picture does not do this skirt justice, but you can see the lace detail, which is along the side seams of the dress, online. The fit of this skirt is amazing! The waist is snug, the sides skim my hips, and the length is just above the knees. No alterations needed! The lace trim adds just a little something to an otherwise plain, but well fitting, black skirt. The price seems a little high at $47.99. What do you think? Is this worth keeping? Verdict: Maybe

Finally, I bought 2 scarves.

I love this scarf! It's a long infinity scarf with a little sparkle that I looped around three times. It's surprisingly lightweight and airy - it's made of 44% alpaca, 29% acrylic, 18% wool, 6% polyester, and 3% other fiber. And it's only $48 now $17.99. Verdict: Keep!

The lighting really does not bring out the vibrant color of this long wrinkly and sparkly scarf. The color is navy with silver sparkles. And the fabric is lightweight and sheer - 82% wool, 10% metallic, 8% nylon. It cost me $38 now $11.99. Do you think I can wear this in the spring? Or is it too much of a winter scarf? Verdict: Maybe

Have you checked out the Ann Taylor sale? What did you buy?


  1. Wow wow wow I love your purchases! Mosty because these items fit amazingly on you. Being a little bit smaller, AT doesn't appeal to me too much anymore because most items will require an additional alterations cost. I love the black dress in 00P and I can see it being extremely versatile like you said. Also love the twinkle cowl neck sleeveless top and the infinity scarf.

    The last scarf doesn't really stand out, if you already have a lot of scarves then I'd pass on that on to save the $12. It doesn't strike me as a Spring color.

  2. What great finds at AT! I wish I could fill out their clothes so I could shop there. The cardigans and the dress look amazing on you and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them.

    As for the second scarf, because it's more lightweight, it can work for spring as long as you pair a bright color with it like that coral cardigan. (I know you're returning it, but the color is lovely!) =)

  3. The cowl neck top looks simply divine on you and the black dress looks like a great staple to any wardrobe! Also really love the sparkly scarf - great finds at AT!

  4. Oooo love everything!!! Great buys and finds!

  5. @PAG - Thanks! I can't wait to wear the dress and the scarf is already getting lots of use. I agree with you about the blue scarf. I'm returning that one - so tempting to keep since it was such a good deal!

    @Stylepint - I can't believe I fit AT now too. The perks of motherhood I guess! I'm tempted to keep the coral cardigan but I wear so much black, it'll be too see through.

    @SewPetiteGal - The cowl neck and dress fit me so well, I have to be careful of my posture. Otherwise it's poochy belly city. I may need to invest in a pair of Spanx.

    @ReallyPetite - Thank you! I love finding things that fit...on sale!

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