Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Am Petite No More Review: Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite Fit Bootcut Jeans

Based on my past experience (all good) with Joe's Jeans, I went out on a limb and bought this pair of the Provocateur jeans online even though I had never tried on the Provocateur style before. Let me just jump the gun and give the verdict first...I LOVE THESE JEANS!! They make my legs look long and lean and I feel freaking fantastic (and mighty tall) in them. Keep keep keep!!

As you may recall, I had ordered both the size 23 and size 24 in hopes that one of them would fit me. Luckily, size 23 fits almost perfectly - no waist gap, fitted in the hips, butt, and thigh with no weird wrinkling in the back, and no hemming required with 2.5 inch heels or higher. My heels these days are normally 2 inches or lower so I'll most likely get them hemmed. According to the tag, these jeans are made especially for petites: "The Provocateur Petite Fit - this silhouette has a shorter inseam and a higher knee break to elongate the leg..." which addresses the problem with hemming jeans that were made for taller girls.

Here is the size 23 on me wearing 2 inch heels. It would've looked even better with higher heels, but those sexy shoes will be in storage for a good long while.

Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite Fit Bootcut Jeans (buy here, here, or here)

Measured flat, the waist is 13", hips are 16", thigh is 7.5", and inseam is 31". You can see that I have a full break in front because the heels I'm wearing are too low.

From the back, you can see that the hem is barely above the ground. The original hem is distressed along the bottom edge. I'm actually not a fan of the distressed hem so if I were to shorten these jeans, I could save some money getting a regular hem for $8.

Anyway, these jeans are super comfortable and the denim is soft and thick. It is very difficult finding size 23 jeans so I'm extremely happy I took the risk in buying these! These jeans are going to last a long long time. Love!

As for the size 24 jeans, they were definitely a bit big on me. The stores are currently selling the Provocateur style for $153-$174 but only in size 24 online. For reference, those jeans measured in at approximately: waist 14", hips 16.5", thighs 8" and inseam 31". I'll be returning the size 24 tomorrow unless another petite wants them for the awesome price I paid plus shipping.


  1. these jeans fit you perfectly!! your risk taking totally paid off. i'll have to keep my eyes out for great deals on this brand too!

    cute and little

  2. Oh I have been waiting for this post!!!! I can't believe they fit you! They look great!!!

  3. Which site did you order the 23" from again? The smallest I've seen was 24"!

  4. WOW! You look incredibly tall and leggy in these jeans - definitely a keeper! Great find!

  5. LOVE these jeans on you. I'm a fan of the wash and fit. Definitely a keeper! I do remember trying on Joe's awhile ago (can't remember which line), but they looked so much better on you than they did on me.

  6. @kileen - Yes! Keep an eye out! I love love love these jeans!

    @Really Petite, SewPetiteGal - Thank you! I'm really surprised at the fit of these and how they just change the way my legs look. Even my husband did a double take!

    @CynthiaC - I ordered the 23" from Hautelook during their Deal of the Day. I haven't been able to find that size anywhere else online but they must exist if Hautelook got a hold of them. Hautelook has repeated sales in the past so I would keep an eye out for them there. If I find them online elsewhere, I will definitely let you know. They're really awesome!

    @Cee - I'm sure these jeans would look hot on you too! The style and size make all the difference. The 24" is just slightly bigger but makes me look like a bag lady.

  7. Yeah, I just bought two pairs of these at Nordstrom Rack for $80 each. I love them: they look great and feel like as comfy as yoga pants. But the bummer is that I got a 24" (the smallest size I could find) and they felt good in the store, but after just a couple days of wear, they're loosening up considerably. How do yours fit now? I see this post is pretty old: did they give out a lot and get looser over time. Think if I dry these 24" on high heat I can get 'em down in size?

    1. Hi there! What a fantastic deal you got! Unfortunately, I can't comment on the current fit of these jeans because I'm pregnant again and living in maternity clothes now. I've definitely had the problem of jeans getting looser the longer I've owned them. I do remember that my first pair of Joe's (not the ones reviewed above) got baggy in the back after a while. Drying on high heat helped those only for the first few wears. The only pair of jeans that would NOT for the life of me loosen up (and I sure wanted it to!) were a pair of J Brand Lovestory's, also in size 23. I could just barely button those and hoped they would loosen up over the time, but they never did. So now they sit in the closet, still snug. With no hope (and no desire on my part) of me getting any smaller!

  8. Congrats on your baby on the way and thanks for the reply! Maybe I'll just have to eat some more ice cream or something. I love the jeans so much. They're unreal. I'm unwilling to give 'em up!


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