Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a Sunshiny Day

I woke up today excited for the Ray-Ban sale at Ruelala (referral link here) because I've been looking to replace my old Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in silver metal with gray gradient lenses with a pair in gold metal. I own so many pairs of sunglasses but these are my go-to pair. I've worn (and dropped) these old aviators to death. There's just something about the classic shape that fits almost every face and goes well with every outfit. 

Ray-Ban Metal Aviator Sunglasses - RB3025

Unfortunately, Ruelala didn't have the sunglasses* I was looking for, but after a little online searching, I found the exact pair I wanted at endless for $89.87 with free shipping plus 7.5% cash back from Ebates (referral link here)! I ordered immediately. These sunglasses are also available at Ray-Ban for $139. Yes, the EXACT same pair. 

What are your go-to sunglasses?

*Ruelala had the model I wanted for $69.60 plus $9.95 shipping. But only in matte fuchsia metal with purple accents and grey gradient lenses. And it sold out within 30 minutes! 


  1. Cute sunnies! My go-to sunnies are a Gucci tortoiseshell pair with rectangular lenses like these:

    I feel like it helps balance my round face :)

  2. Oh cute!!! Hubby wants a pair of raybans badly..LOL

  3. Great choice! I have a pair in this exact aviator style :) My flat nose/bridge doesn't allow me to wear ones without those little padding. Boo!

  4. I have a similar one from Banana Republic but now I wish I got these beauties instead! They're original Ray-bans and they are cheaper too!



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  5. @SewPetiteGal I love tortoise shell! I can never find a pair that looks right on my face though - they frame always ends up resting on my cheeks!

    @Really Petite LOL! My husband tried mine on and said, "What did you get for yourself?" I have to admit, he looked good in them. I just love the way a guy looks in aviators!

    @Cee You know, I'm starting to think we were separated at birth. Don't you just love these aviators? I also have the same problem with sunglasses that don't have the nose pads. My nose is anything but flat but my bridge is narrow so most sunnies end up resting on my cheeks. Yuck!

    @20 York Street I've learned that it doesn't hurt to have an extra pair. I'm tempted to buy one as back up. I go through sunglasses so quickly!


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