Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Jeans for Petites?

I came across this article in Lucky magazine about the "Best Jeans for Petites" and was surprised to not see listed the petite favorite Gap Legging Jean (see my review here) or my recent find of Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite Fit Bootcut Jean (see my review here). Instead, the following were listed as the top 5 brands and styles for petites:

Of all the brands listed, I'm tempted by #5 because it's high-waisted and is reasonably priced. I don't need another pair of skinny jeans right now but I'm really tempted! How hot are these?

{click for image source}

Have you tried these jeans? Or any of the others?


  1. I think Kileen of have tried those jeans before. They look great on her. The article is such a great resource for petites.

  2. Interesting, I haven't tried any of them (I don't wear jeans a lot but I would love to find the perfect pair of jeans in the near future). If you try them let me know! :)

  3. I am obsessed with my GAP and H & M jeans that I no longer have to continue looking:)

    Thanks for the post!

  4. I'm definitely interested in the J Brand ones but I'm doing pretty good with my Madewell and GapKids skinnies. LOL.

    BDGs seem to stretch out too fast for my liking, but it does look nice. It's great to discover new recommendations for petites! =)

  5. I also have not tried any of them (and definitely do not need more jeans at this point) but what is it about those higher waisted skinnies that is so darn chic, lol? A few years ago I would've scoffed at high waisted denim but now it's really calling out to me : )

  6. I haven't tried any of those jeans so I'm no help there but I definitely think they should add your Joe's Jeans to the list because they looked so perfect on you!

  7. I have almost every pair. I also like levis.


  8. I wholeheartedly agree with the GAP jeggings-in fact, I'm wearing them right now! I'm bummed to see that some of their recent variations aren't in petite sizing, but just regular--I hope they continue to include us shorties in the future!

    I also love Joe's Jeans Provocateur (vincent wash is my fave, although I still hafta do 3"+ heels with them) and I recently got my hands on the 7 For All Mankind Petite Lexie Bellbottoms off of Piperlime, which are also fabulous (but also need a bit of a heel). As for regular jeans that I hem, I've found that J Brand Lovestory's are my FAVORITE--they work insanely well for petites even with a few inches chopped off the bottom, and are so comfy and stretchy to boot! Can't recommend them enough, especially as widelegs and flares are comin' back in style for spring!


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