Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deal: Make Me an eBay Addict!

Until recently, I never purchased anything off of eBay. But once I got started, it's truly been addicting! It also doesn't help that eBay just teamed up with GROUPON (referral link here) to provide an awesome deal - spend $7 to get a $15 giftcard toward any eBay purchase.

This deal is going on for the next 2 days and is limited to ONE per customer. I've already bought mine and know I'll be using it immediately. Enjoy!


  1. I just saw this too! I've been buying the most random items off of eBay lately - like feathers, beads, a ribbon bracelet, etc. What have you been shopping for?

  2. @SewPetiteGal Me too on the random items! Are you planning on making a new necklace with your items? I'm still new to eBay so I like to pick different 99 cent things to watch and see the whole process unfold! It's amazing how high the bids get! I dipped a pinky toe in the water and placed one bid and somehow ended up winning a ribbon pin!

  3. I haven't hopped over to ebay yet...I'm too scared I'll get addicted :P

  4. Thanks for sharing...I have always been an EBAY addict..LOL


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