Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LOFT Fitting Room Review: Spring Looks

Over the weekend, I stopped in Ann Taylor Loft and tried on some pretty spring looks. Nothing was on sale so I resisted and walked out empty handed. I definitely found a few items I'll be keeping an eye on.

First up is this lovely watercolors silk shell in XXSP. The fit of this top was pretty good. My only complaint would be that the arm holes were bordering on tight for me. But I've had that problem before in XXSP Loft tops so I may size up to XSP when it goes on sale. I really liked how the neckline is gathered giving the impression of ruffling without the full-on ruffle. This top would be perfect for an Easter brunch tucked into a white skirt! Gorgeous! Unfortunately, this top is not available online so I'll have to stick to my resolution of stalking the stores instead of shopping online ALL THE TIME.

Verdict: Wait for sale!

Next up is the Pleated Ruffle Button Down Top in XXSP. This one I didn't love because it was reminiscent of a clown collar or pirate shirt, albeit much much more subdued. The fabric was also quite sheer. And again, the arm holes were almost too tight on me.

Verdict: Pass

Finally, I tried on the Petite Woven Ruffle Neck Dress in 00P and really loved it! The ruffles had the perfect amount of frill and the skirt portion had tiny strands of sparkly thread. The hem hit right above my knee which is a perfect lady-like length. Also, I had no problems with the arm holes in 00P so this dress was also very comfortable. The top was not too sheer and I would fill it out a bit better with the proper undergarment. My brother-in-law's Marine OCS graduation is coming up and I'm thinking I could wear this for his big day. What do you think? Is this dress graduation appropriate?


  1. Did you see a dress similar to the last one you tried on but with a tan skirt in the scuba fabric? I saw chloeconspiracy tweet it and it looked darling.

    Love the watercolor print on the first. Strange that their xxsP's have small armholes but are still quite billowy in the torso.

  2. My favorite is the watercolor top....but it might just be the print that sways me because the dress is a close runner-up!

  3. I bought the last dress too, but still waiting on it. It looks super cute on you! There's not many occasions to wear white, but I think it would be perfect for your BIL's graduation. Maybe pair it with a colorful cardi if the weather is cool.

  4. Oh Petite Mom, do you know how much I love fitting room reviews?!? SO MUCH! My favorite is the dress - so pretty and perfect for graduation. I'd be interested to see how XSP would look on you.

  5. I love that first top and also bought it (to get free ship) on one of my blazers and the armholes were strangely smaller than usual but the rest was gigantic. But tucked in, we can get away with it:)

    I was curious about the last dress and how it fit! Thank you!

  6. That dress you tried on is gorgeous...I think I saw Aubrey tweet a picture of this dress last week and I love it on both of you! I think it is very graduation appropriate! I think LOFT is having 30% off now? :)

  7. That first top is actually the exact same style as a blouse that they had a few months back (came in mauve & green). I know because I have both of them!

    I actually tried on all of your items and the last two were a fail on me in terms of fit. I think the dress is cute and I'd say go for it if you already have an occasion in mind. For me, I feel like I can probably find separates that will give the same look and be more versatile. Just my two cents! :)

  8. The dress is perfect! I like how it fits you.

  9. I really love that dress, and I think the graduation is the perfect occassion to wear it. I tried it on and fell in love, but I can't see too many occasions to wear it for me, so I'm holding off, at least till there's a sale.

  10. P.S. I just found your blog and am following you now :)


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