Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: J.Crew Petite Ever Peacoat in Navy

Last week, I bought the J.Crew Petite Ever Peacoat size P0 in navy. I've been looking for a well-fitting classic navy peacoat and I was hoping this one would fit the bill.

J.Crew Petite Ever Peacoat in Navy
Look and Feel:
The color is a very deep navy - almost black in low lighting. The coat seems to be well made, not scratchy when I run my hand down the front and not stiff like the J.Crew Thinsulate coat I bought several years ago. But it's still wool so when I first threw it on over a t-shirt, it felt a little bit itchy against my bare neck and arms even though it's very nicely and fully lined. Normally, I would be wearing a long sleeve shirt or sweater under this coat and the itchiness wasn't a problem once I threw those things on.

In the past, I've had problems with J.Crew petite coats fitting me too short in the arm and J.Crew regular coats fitting me too large in the body. This coat's sleeve measures 21.5 inches and hits me at 1/2 inch below my wrist. When I bend my arm, the sleeve hikes up to about 1/2 to 1 inch above my wrist. Normally, I like my sleeves to reach halfway down my palm so these sleeves were about 1-1/2 inch too short. The bottom of the coat hits about 3 inches below my hips.

Sleeve hits right below wrist
The body of the coat fits a little roomy on me in a t-shirt, but with a sweater and scarf, it fits much better. I tend to like my coats very fitted - and from the front, this coat seems a bit boxy. The shoulders are perfect.

From the back, it tapers in at the waist and looks quite nice.

I really wanted to like this but I feel that the itchiness and the short sleeve make it a no go. What do you think?


  1. The short sleeves bother me too, but the front view is really what pushing me to recommend return. It looks a bit shapeless, which is unfortunate as I like the color. Thanks forthe review!

  2. @PAG: Thanks Jean! I'm glad to see your J.Crew coat worked out! I'll have to keep an eye out for a peacoat that has some of the seam details you mentioned along the body and waist to help it look more fitted.


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