Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: M Coat - A Maternity Coat for Pregnancy and Beyond

Earlier this winter, I realized I needed a warm coat to wear during the last trimester of my pregnancy. I wanted something that was warm, stylish and petite-friendly, and something I could wear post-partum. In my search, I came across the M Coat, which is an awesome 3-in-1 jacket that goes from being "a fashionable Maternity coat; to a hip Mama coat; and back to a regular fitting Myself coat." 

I bought the M Coat in size XS in black, but it also comes in navy, brown, ivory, red, pink, green, and burgundy. This coat is quite fitted when the maternity panel is removed (but comfortably fits a 9-month belly with the panel zipped in) so I recommend sizing up if you're bigger than me as I can just fit one thick sweater underneath (for reference, I'm 5'3" and 100 pounds).

What's really awesome about this coat is that now that my baby is here, I can turn the maternity panel upside down and wear the coat over my baby carrier (I have both the Baby Bjorn and Ergo carriers). This is important as I have an infant and a toddler. I find it easier to wear my baby and walk with my toddler or push my toddler in a stroller than to push a double stroller through the crowded city streets and narrow doorways.

The only downsides to this coat are:
1. the belt, which feels flimsy and cheap, 
2. the availability - it's a Canadian brand only available from Canadian shops and online retailers, and
3. the cost - $480 CAD

I bought my coat from UpMama! for $385 minus $10 off (use coupon code "webmama") and free shipping to the US and Canada. 


  1. What a great concept! and it makes a lot of sense =) Hope you and your new bundle of joy are doing well.

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